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The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind

About Us

Bee is the creation of Early Childhood Development Pvt. Ltd. (ECDPL) and is backed by a global NGO- Parenting Nations (PN). ECDPL is India based start-up company working on developing AI based Parenting companion in form of website & interactive mobile app to provide Authentic, Instant and Personalised solutions for all parenting concerns.

What is Bee

Inspired by Google, Alexa & Siri, We have created an AI based Website & Interactive Mobile App for Parents. This AI based Parenting companion has extensive ‘parenting knowledge’ obtained from human experts and other reliable sources and fed into the bee brain. Bee uses NLP - Natural Language Processing to answer parents' questions; and replies in the form of Text, Audio, Video and Images along with the recommendations. Bee is the Personalised Parenting Google made to deliver Authentic & Instant reply to anything that parent can think of in terms of Parenting.

Why we embarked on Bee's journey?

Uncategorised and scattered information on parenting during early years, is available at the moment on the internet, in books, with parenting counsellors, and few other resources. No parent has abundant time on hand or awareness to curate, read, understand and then attend to the child. The major obstacle is that the authentic & personalised information is not accessible instantly when the parents actually need it. It is not easy for parents to handle the child's desire, health & behavioural concerns or stressful emergencies if they have to scroll through several articles before reaching the right one. Parents have mainly two options: Go to the child expert for every small thing or look up the scattered information on the internet. While going to an expert is both time and financially consuming. The internet, on the other hand has solutions for mixed cultures, non personalised and sometimes cannot be trusted with the information available. The convenient option is Bee. Bee is designed to help all the nurturing, comforting, aspirational, doubtful, supportive, anxious, and selfless parents in their Parenting journey. Bee is Authentic, Instant & Personalised.


To provide online and offline resources (information, services and products) globally to parents in order to strengthen the 'parent-child relationship' and help parent & children reach their optimum growth potential. Currently we are measuring our vision in terms of 1 billion Users | 1 million conversations everyday


  • Expand the reach across India
  • Provide regional content
  • Develop more child entertainment content
  • Bee Printable subscription
  • 100k active users within 6 months

Unique recognition propositions

  • Empowering Parents to strengthen parent-child relationship (Not Parent-Gadget relationship)
  • Bee is for Parents, teachers, grand parents, guardians & Elder siblings
  • Bee is personalised for every child & parent
  • Bee is Instant
  • Bee is Authentic (backed by subject matter expert)
  • Comprehensive content (In 109 languages)
  • Audio content to reduce screen time & allow multi tasking

Google v/s Bee

To someone who hears about Bee Parenting for the first time, the first thought which (s)he might have is that... Why 'Bee' when there is already 'Google' When Google can provide everything that a parent wants, why would someone use Bee? To clear the air of doubt, it is necessary that we lay down the subtle but important differences between Bee and Google.

shows thousands of results through which parents have to search for the best possible answer they are looking for.Straightaway gives an authenticate and to the point answer for a parent’s query.
Provides generalised answers for all parents.Provide personalised solutions as per the child age.
Does not notify for any new content or alerts.Sends personalised alerts as per child’s milestones, need & parenting goals
Most of the websites that show up on Google contain ads that are interruptive.Bee is completely Ad free.
Google presents an ocean of information which takes up a lot of time to reach the required answer and also confuses parents in terms of applying the solutions.Bee, on the other hand, presents only what is asked for with straightforward, instant, and authentic answers/solutions.
Parents have to usually surf multiple websites for various needs.Bee is one stop for all of the parent's needs.
If a parent does not get an answer for a particular problem, they won’t know when the answer will be available to them.Bee, if fails to provide a suitable answer, comes up with an expert-backed response to the parent’s query within 48 hours.
Google's approach is only answer-oriented.Bee's approach is to bridge the gap between parent's and children's relationships.
No audio option available in Google.Available in the audio format for easy understanding and to listen to the content on the go.
No instant translation is available on all websites provided on Google search results.Instant translation in 109+ languages.

Bee knowledge contributors

  • In-house content developers
  • Doctors (Paediatricians, Child psychiatrists, Child psychologists)
  • Parenting books authors
  • Parenting Counsellors
  • Subject matter experts