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Google v/s Bee

To someone who hears about Bee Parenting for the first time, the first thought which (s)he might have is that... Why 'Bee' when there is already 'Google' When Google can provide everything that a parent wants, why would someone use Bee? To clear the air of doubt, it is necessary that we lay down the subtle but important differences between Bee and Google.

Only answer-oriented.Strengthening parent-child relationship approach.
Shows plenty of resultsStraightaway gives an authentic answer with smart suggestions.
Mostly non-personalised answers *Provide personalised answer as per the child age.
Does not always reply with relevant notifications.Replies with personalised alerts*
Mostly advertisement interruptionsBee is Ad free.
Diverse platforms for various needs.One stop solution
In case of not getting answer, user is not notified back when availableBee, if fails to provide a suitable answer, comes up with an expert-backed response within 48 hours.
No audio option available in most websitesAvailable in the audio format (allows multitasking & easy understanding)
No instant translation in most platformsInstant translation in 109+ languages.

* Personalization on Age, Gender, Language, Culture , Preferences & Conditions