Parent Resource Countributor List

Ali Momin
Chief Executive Officer of Bee Parenting

Mr. Ali momin is a founder of Parenting Nations – An NGO towards Sustainable Early Childhood Development. He is also a director of two companies – Spider communication Pvt Ltd & Ummat communication Pvt Ltd. Mr. Ali is actively involved in community services and was featured in ‘The Fortune Magazine'(India) in April 2014, for his innovative ideas to help the underprivileged section of our society. By profession, Mr.Ali is a software engineer with M.C.A degree. & experience of 14+ years in the IT industry. From 6 international institutes including United Nations, He has been certified in Early childhood development courses. He is also an author of 4 books regarding Parenting. Since the first seed of Parenting Nations in 2015, he has dedicated his life to the cause – Early Childhood Development. He firmly believes in giving back to the world by contributing to early childhood development resources for parents. Parenting being the root, which can change generations for good, he wants to contribute towards making the world a better place for all living beings.

Mustafa Lokhandwala
Razi Jivani
Tehzib Momin
Ceo Heybee
Rinaz Momin
Mehbub Saiyed Baba
Yesha Desai

Yesha is currently studying Computer Engineering at Gandhinagar Institute of Technology. As a book dragon, she feels it’s essential to cultivate the curiosity and discipline of reading amongst children. She also often writes poems on platforms such as Wattpad and can be seen engaged in philosophical or political debates. She can speak for days and listen to good debates for even longer. 
Her YouTube search often ranges from documentaries about deadly lakes and animals tripping over themselves. She collects fantasy books and is currently just trying to change the world, one word at a time. She has facilitated multiple creative writing, spoken word poetry and content writing workshops for MyCaptain.

Mustafa Second Lokhandwala
Insiya Lokhandwala
Child Nutritionist
Pallavi Hota
Dr Chintan Solanki
Prathiusha Poduval
Seema Ganatra

A Biotechnologist morphed into an educator. She has committed herself to foster quality and excellence in education. She firmly believes that teaching is not about knowledge downloads but about opening the minds of young learners. She loves to guide them towards learning, comprehensively focusing on the overall development of each student. She feels strongly about inclusivity and strives to get the young learners to meet various minds and design various experiences that bring perspective and the world to them. 
She has a master’s degree in Biotechnology from the University of Essex UK and holds a Master’s in Education from Gujarat University. Her 9 years in the field of education has interested her in understanding how to bring more engagement between teachers and learners. 

Shina Utavani

Shina is a student of Mass Communication and Journalism. She is currently pursuing a specialization in Advertising and Public Relations. 
She has previously worked as a Content Writer in the Aone SEO Service, where she had written content for more than 32 companies. She was a former Reporter in The Open Page- a newspaper for children. She is a writer for the online magazine ‘Antahkaran’. 
Being a journalism student, she always wanted to do something to contribute to society and its people. She believes that working for Bee will help her achieve the same.

Palak Vyas
Dr Ajab Primuswala
Prachi Shah
CFO of The Milestone Early Child CarePrachi Mihir Shah is the founder of The Milestone Early Child Care in Ahmedabad. She works with the philosophy "The destiny of India is being shaped in my classroom" and has been educating parents and grandparents for over 7 years about ways to raise mentally alert, emotionally stable, physically strong, socially adjustable, and globally responsible kids. She has educated more than 2500+ parents with her "Peace talk" philosophy. She is a Gaurav Puraskar Awardee, International Education Awardee for being "Most innovative female education consultant in Ahmedabad" and National icon Awardee for her contribution to society as a Parent Educator. More than anything she is a kind-hearted person and passionate towards well being of the next generation of India.
Asha Lalwani
Content Specialist

I am an MBA, Marketing Graduate and have completed my FDP from IIM, Ahmedabad. I have gained 9+ years of experience in the area of Digital Marketing and have worked with organisations including Emotome, POCI, GIPL, the ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) Cell of Hon. Shri Narendra Modi at Chief Minister’s Office, Gujarat.

Dr Heena Hasan
Juhi Mishra

Juhi has an experience of 11 years in the field of education. She has a wide range of experience as a Bio/Chemistry teacher for senior secondary grades, a teacher trainer, a curriculum designer, a project coordinator for social enterprises. Currently she is active in the role of a kindergarten teacher in Shining Spiral. She is also working towards creating and designing open ended toys made of natural materials for children in Vatsalya.

Dr Aliraza Khunt

Dr Aliraza Khunt is a senior paediatrician in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, practising at his clinic - Sehat Hospital, since 2004. He holds the degrees- MBBS, Diploma in Child Health (DCH) and MD – Paediatrics with the Gold medal. He has experience of 15 years as an Allopath Paediatrician.
His passion for technology drove him to design & develop unique software like immunisation reminder program and appointment through SMS system. ECD (Early Childhood Development) is his subject of particular interest.
Compassionate counselling, treatment transparency & humanitarian approach has made him very popular among his patient’s families. Currently, he is the highest-rated paediatrician of Ahmedabad by Practo.
He is the paediatric consultant at Bee and imparts medical knowledge to Bee.

Nishita Sanghvi
Nikita Thacker
Ravina Sewani

Ravina Sewani holds a post-graduate degree in M.Sc. Industrial Biotechnology. Language, stories, and people have always attracted her. She believes in the power of voice and has been an active public speaker and debater since her school years.
She co-founded "Know-How Bucket (KHB)" in the year 2017. She has 2+ years of experience as public speaking and a personality development trainer. She has worked with students of age 4 to 22 years under KHB. She has developed KHB into an “Open-Learning Space” and with this concept aims to bring positive changes in the education system.
She is an active social worker and believes in the potential of benevolence. She has worked as a volunteer to impart education to underprivileged kids at Police Pathshala, Ahmedabad, for six months. She has also worked towards creating awareness about sanitary napkins among the underprivileged section.